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LIT FIT always strives to achieve results that exceed your goals.
In order to become a trainer who cuddles with the customer's lifestyle, we strive to ensure that professionals in each genre of golf and body makeup can always exchange opinions and update.


Why does Golf need personal training to improve performance

The basis of the body necessary to improve golf is not only muscle strength, but also range of motion and sensation.LIT FIT's golf course restores the natural functionality of the body and provides customers with the ability to do so


full-scale instruction by Dracompro

The trainer of the golf course is an active Dracompro.
Of course, we will solve your golf problems as well as flying distance.

Not only Golf, but also diet

Muscle training, your goal is not only to improve golf performance, but also to lose weight and make-up.

Please tell us everything you want, such as improving golf performance while losing weight and improving golf performance while building muscles.Specialized trainers and their teams provide full support.


Hands-on lessons

Training is not only for the gym, but also for the actual course teaching.The event will be held completely irregularly, so please check with your trainer for details.

LITFIT Body Make

LIT FIT's concept of body makeup and diet

I think the most important thing in body makeup diet is first counseling and evaluation.First, share your current lifestyle, diet and attitude with the customer.After that, we will offer training tailored to the customer's goal of Karada and training that is currently necessary for the customer as determined by the trainer himself.


I will also tell you my knowledge of diet management.

LITFIT does not impose excessive dietary restrictions on customers.

It may be unavoidable if there is a time limit such as a wedding ceremony in 3 months, but basically meal guidance is a suggestion tailored to the customer's lifestyle.Beyond that, we would like to support you in making karada without any problems even if you eat and drink whatever you like.

Body Design Training to change shape beyond losing weight and tightening

In the body makeup course of LIT FIT, we propose results that exceed our goals by not only tightening our weight, but also improving the shape of legs such as O-leg and X-leg and posture such as neck and thorax.


Making a karada that looks good on clothes

We suggest the best fit for your style.The best finish will change depending on your height and shoulder width.

Let's work hard together while sharing the future of finishing!


Fumihiko Ohki

I have studied body makeup while modeling, and learned golfer support under the instruction of my father, a professional golfer.Now we can meet a variety of needs, from individuals to corporations.
Best results = best load x best operation.Being able to feel like you're pushing your muscles is one thing, and being the optimal load on the desired outcome is another.Fitness is a necessity for everyone in today's world, where the amount of exercise in daily life decreases and desk work is the main focus.People who dislike exercise and are not good at it are no exception.That's why you can't continue just by being tight.
"In order to keep life's time at its ""best,"" I would like to help you build a body that is not tired and easy to recover from."


LIT FIT Body Make

Daiki Yoshimi


After I got a job at an ordinary company, I turned into a personal trainer.Therefore, we are experiencing eating habits and posture problems in the living environment of working people.

In recent years, personal training has become widely recognized.However, the image of this is often seen as forcing excessive dietary restrictions to train hard in order to lose weight.

But Fitness is not a hospital.We propose an optimal solution so that all customers can have fun and stay healthy.

LIT FIT can help you build the best body ever by determining your own goals and necessary elements of your body.

  • トレーニング自体初めてで不安です。
    ご安心ください。 LIT FITのお客様の半分はジムやスポーツ未経験のお客様です。 一緒に目標を設定して、基礎からじっくり指導していきます! その為にもしっかりカウンセリングを行いお客様のライフスタイルに合った提案をしていきます!
  • 厳しい食事制限とかあるんですか?
    目標に応じて食事のご案内をする事もございます。 例えば2ヶ月後の結婚式の為などと急いで成果を出さなければならないお客様には最終手段として食事指導の提案をすることがあります。 LIT FITはライフスタイルにフィットネスを組み込んでいけるように提案していくことを理想としています。 なので、アドバイスをさせていただくことはありますが食事制限で無理をして痩せて結果を出すことは基本的に推奨していないのでご安心ください。
  • LIT FITにはどんな方が通っているんですか?
    LIT FITには様々な目標を持ったお客様がいらっしゃいます。 モデルや俳優を目指している方。 ボディメイクコンテストの出場を考えていらっしゃる方。 プロゴルファーを目指す方。 ひとりでジムに通っても続けられない、結果が出せなかったお客様。 月島・勝どき・晴海・佃エリアにお住まいのお客様。 ダイエット、シェイプアップ、姿勢改善、腰痛肩こり予防など 初心者の方から、競技をされている方までLIT FITは広くサポートしています。
  • お支払いの方法は?
    お支払いはクレジットカードとお振込の2種類ございます。 クレジットカードの場合はまずCubicというサイトに登録していただき、下記リンクからお客様のご希望のコースをご購入ください。 Cubic↓ LIT FIT購入ページ↓ お振込の場合はメール若くは公式LINEにて口座番号を担当トレーナーからお伝えいたします。
  • It's my first time training, so I'm worried.
    Don't worry. Half of LIT FIT customers are gym or sports inexperienced. We will set goals together and teach them from the basics! For that purpose, we will conduct counseling thoroughly and make suggestions that suit your lifestyle!
  • How do I pay?
    There are two types of payment: credit card and bank transfer. For credit cards, please first register on the website Cubic and use the link below to purchase your preferred course. Cubic↓ LIT FIT Purchase Page↓ If you make a bank transfer, your account number will be provided by the trainer in charge via official LINE.
  • Are there strict dietary restrictions?
    Depending on your goal, we may provide you with meal information. For example, for a wedding ceremony in two months, we sometimes offer meal guidance as a last resort to customers who need to produce results quickly. LIT FIT is ideal for suggesting that fitness can be incorporated into your lifestyle. So, I have some advice, but please don't worry as basically we don't recommend you to overdo your diet and lose weight.
  • Who goes to LIT FIT?
    LIT FIT has customers with various goals. Those who are aiming to become models or actors. For those who are thinking about participating in the body makeup contest. Who wants to become a professional golfer? Customers who can't go to the gym by themselves and don't get results. Customers living in Tsukishima, Katsuki, Harumi and Tsukuda areas. Diet, shape-up, posture improvement, prevention of back pain and stiff shoulders, etc From beginners to competitors, LIT FIT provides extensive support.


For beginners of exercise, I recommend the basic plan first.

I would like to suggest a training menu that matches your goals through weekly training.

PRO コース.jpg


It's a 60-minute personal training course and a 30-minute stretch course.

Recommended for those who want to take good care of their bodies after training!

Pair コース.jpg

1hour×10times ・90min×10times

Get personal training with your family and friends.This is a plan for those who are nervous about personal training for the first time or want to start training with the same goals as your friends.

Customer Comments

Miss. R .

I was worried about my first personal training, but I had a lot of fun from the first training and I still continue to attend!!
I've been worried about thigh tension and O-leg, but now I'm used to my ideal foot because of the improvement in that tension and O-leg!!I didn't know it would be so real!!
Even though I was a beginner at training, they taught me in an easy-to-understand way and I would like to continue going there.Thank you for your cooperation!


I joined because I wanted to build muscles.During counseling, the trainer suggested improving my posture, and in an hour, I am training to improve my posture and build muscles at the same time.
Every time I felt that it was effective, I gained confidence and became able to work more positively on my work.


I joined to improve my golf performance.At first, I didn't have the image of improving golf at the training gym, but as I continued, I didn't feel the stability of my swing or the uncomfortable feeling in my lower back.
By visiting Yotsuya's shop and training at a deeper level, I was able to find it the most fun I have ever played golf.

Introducing the new store
Eureka Performance Field 

With the opening of a new store in Yotsuya, we will invite Katsu Sawada of the Olympic Medical and Chemical Enhancement Staff to our team and continue to strive to further improve the skills of existing trainers.

In addition to improving our expertise in golf and body makeup, we would like to continue working with all the staff to meet the needs of all customers attending Tsukishima LIT FIT and Yotsuya Eureka.

~Introduction of Eureka Performance Field~

Broad range of support from Olympians, professional athletes to the general public

We offer the best experience for you with our dedicated staff, environment and facilities.

#​Training room


space facing one's body


A space where the night view of Tsukishima and Kachdoki is very beautiful



A minute's walk from the sophisticated room has an over-beautiful night view.
Please heal your tired body by looking at this night view.


“Time is a value,Time is an asset.”

"LIT FIT" believes that time is the best asset.

"LIT FIT" is because I am confident that the experience of using time will become a skill, and the experience of building trust with that skill will become a asset in life."

"LIT FIT commits to ""Proprietaryization of Customer's Time."""

"LIT FIT" is confident that health is the most necessary thing to make time a fortune.

"LIT FIT" challenges us as a company that helps our customers' time always be ""best."



Access: #603 Quest Sho-toku 2-2-10 Tsukishima

             Chuo Tokyo

Access:Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho                    Line 
              1 minute walk from Exit 1 of Tsukishima                  Station
              Please contact us if you are coming by                    bicycle


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